In 1905 the ruins of an old viking living quarters were found in the land of Bragðavellir. Old viking ruins or turf houses are widely spread around Iceland but what was so unique about these ruins is the coin that was found there. It was a Roman coin of Probus from somewhere between the years 270-305 AD. It was handed to the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik in the year 1932. A year later, another coin was found in a similar area of Bragðavellir, and this time it was the coin of Aurelian. These coins are the oldest coins found in Iceland and reach far back beyond the time of the first settlement which is believed to be in 874 AD.

The location where these coins were found is a walking distance from the cottages, if you want to go there, please ask the hosts at Bragðavellir and they will direct you to the spot.